The Voice 2014: Watch out for Johnny Kohlmeyer, Teresa Vasiliou & Roxanne Yarnold

by Lisa McGarry


The Voice returns tonight for it’s last blind audition episode and it’s packed full of talent, as usual.

However it’s a tough instalment, as with only a handful of places left in the four teams, the coaches are more picky than ever meaning that some truly talented singers lose out on a place in the forthcoming battle rounds.

There are LOADS of contestants making their way on and off the stage tonight, in fact it’s pretty hard to keep up, so we thought we’d bring you some spoilers from some of the highlights you can expect.

We quite enjoyed watching Johnny Kohlmeyer, a bed salesman from Derry, Northern Ireland and he tells the coaches:

“I love my job so much, dealing with the lovely public….many’s a time I have climbed into bed with older women.”

After his performance of Lionel Richie’s ‘All Night Long’ Ricky Wilson says:

“I really liked it man, you are definitely a singer.”

roxanne yarnold

Another strong vocalist is Roxanne Yarnold – who was once embroiled in an X Factor / SYCO fix scandal – The 22 year old from Essex performs Shake It Out and admits:

“If it doesn’t happen today and I don’t get a turn from one of the coaches, I will be going back to a bar job which is a bit sad. It is a good backup plan.”

“I have always dreamed of sining my own songs and on big stages.”

Kylie Minogue LOVES the rendition and says:

“I only have one space left……”

But does she turn? Tune in tonight to find out….

Lastly we think you’ll enjoy a performance from former West End singer Teresa Vasiliou.

The Voice

She was big news and performed in London and on Broadway, until she was diagnosed with a throat tumour when she was 30 years old.

She’s now 61 and hasn’t sang since but tonight she’s set to make her TV debut as she belts out ‘I Found Someone’ for the panel.

She tells the stars:

“I sang all my life up until I was 30 and I had a throat tumour that stopped that from happening and then I just concentrated on bringing up my children.”

Minogue raves:

“We are glad you are here and that you are well. It must have been something to overcome…..I thought you did a great job.

Tune into The Voice tonight to see who makes it through to battle rounds and who’s left disappointed.

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