The Voice Battles: Ohhh Lee Glasson & Jimmy Weston have proper tension!

Jimmy Weston, Lee Glasson, Jake Shears, Kylie Minogue

Lee Glasson and Jimmy Weston were paired together when Kylie Minogue put her team through battle rounds on The Voice recently and viewers will get to watch as the drama unfolds on tonight’s episode of the BBC show.

The competition moves away from it’s blind auditions tonight and the contestants will now have to go head to head with a fellow hopeful, in the knowledge that only one of them can stay in their designated team.

Tonight Lee and Jimmy take on When You Were Young by The Killers and it’s fair to say that things were a bit tense between the men, behind the scenes.

Jimmy seemed convinced that Lee was given the better sections, the best vocals and complained that he was being left with the choruses and not much else. He said:

“I just want to change it around a little bit, make it not so obvious. I am singing a lot of the choruses there aren’t I? I have got to try and do my best, I have got to be better than my battle partner.”

Lee found it all a bit awkward and admitted:

The Voice UK 2014 - Lee Glasson

“The piano session was fairly difficult. Jimmy kind of took the reigns. He seems to think I have more lines than him, that I have the better sections.”

It seems Weston may have been the tinier bit bossy too and Glasson added:

“He tends to try and give me direction. I am there to get direction from a Global superstar not Jimmy from Coventry.”

Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears assisted Kylie behind the scenes as the singers prepared for their duets and even he noticed the tension. He didn’t have too much sympathy for Lee though and insisted:

Jimmy Weston The Voice

“I think Lee is feeling a little bit inferior, he’s just going to have to get over any insecurities that he’s got.”

Kylie laughed:

“Jimmy has a lot to say, I am not sure how Lee is coping with it all. They are both lead men but their styles and personalities are so different.”

Tune into The Voice tonight to see which man wins Kylie’s vote and whether the unlucky contestant can do enough to win one of the other coach’s steal.

Who are you backing to make it through? Check out all of tonight’s Battle Round pairings and leave your comments below….

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    Jimmy should have won not lee glason

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