The Voice: Jamie Lovatt, Kenny Thompson, Joe West impress but is it enough?

by Lisa McGarry

kenny thompson

Kenny Thompson brings the smoooooth to tonight’s episode of The Voice, with his impressive rendition of New York State Of Mind.

The teacher, from Liverpool, is shaking with nerves when he takes to the stage but he doesn’t need to worry, because his soul inspired performance is pretty close to perfect in our opinion, but will the coaches agree?

Kylie Minogue,, Tom Jones and Ricky Wilson only have one spot left on their teams by the time Kenny sings. Wilson is a fan of the song and admits:

“You belong on that stage! You hit the back of the room, bounced off into my chest.” But will it be enough to land him one of only four remaining places in the battle rounds?

Meanwhile, Joe West could not be more different to Thompson and while the previous singer has a classic soul edge, Joe brings a more current style to the BBC show.

joe west

The 19 year old performs Mirrors, by Justin Timberlake and introduces the team to his mum and his six year old sister who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.

Joe confesses:

“I have never really had a break and I feel now is the time. I want the best for my family and want to do well in this competition.”

Ricky tells West:

“Well done, it was good, everyone loved it.”

After all that it’s time to rock….with a capital R, courtesy of long haired guitarist and singer Jamie Lovatt.

jamie lovatt

Jamie tells the coaches that he used to have a four album record deal, until his band slowly fell apart due to a series of illnesses. He’s desperate to make it in the music industry and certainly shows his vocals off to their full strength with his rendition of ‘Everybody’s Free.’

Afterwards Kylie gushes:

“I liked the emotion in your voice, I don’t know if you always sing like that but you have the ability to sing like that which is very moving.”

The Voice returns tonight, 7PM, BBC One. Tune in and find out if any of the men make it through to battle rounds.

Lisa McGarry

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