The Voice Kelsey-Beth Crossley’s boob job, Jessica Steele’s tears & Leo Ihenacho on Kylie date!

kelsey beth crossley

Kelsey-Beth Crossley the voice

Kelsey-Beth Crossley has admitted that singing in a low cut dress on The Voice was the last push she needed to get a boob job.

The former Emmerdale actress went under the knife soon after filming her battle performance on the BBC show, which aired on Saturday night.

At the weekend the brunette beauty was seen going head to head with talented singer Emily Adams and she was in floods of tears afterwards when Ricky Wilson chose to keep the latter on his team and no other stars opted to steal her.

Kelsey told The Sun that she felt wholly uncomfortable during the song, because of her low cut outfit and six weeks ago she had her bust boosted from a 34A to a 34DD.

Now she ‘walks differently’ and feels more ‘confident and womanly. To celebrate she’s posed for a very revealing series of photos in which she’s wearing just a bra and knickers. Happy boob day!

The Voice

Meanwhile, Jessica Steele stood out from the crowd during her battle on Saturday, because she couldn’t stop crying.

The talented teen broke down last year when no one turned their chairs to pick her for their team. At her second blind audition she cried again because all four coaches turned.

In the battles Steele was weeping before she even took to the stage to sing with Anna McLuckie, mostly because she was worried she’d be overshadowed by the latter’s harp.

After losing to Anna but later being stolen by Ricky, Jess has promised that she’ll never cry on TV again, because it makes her look ‘ugly.’

Leo Ihenacho the voice

Lastly Leo Ihenacho has revealed that he finds it hard to concentrate on his rehearsals on The Voice, because of all Kylie Minogue’s flirting.

The former Streets singer made it through his singoff on Saturday, despite Kylie spending most of their practice session twerking against him in a skin tight skirt with a thigh high split.

BBC bosses reportedly cut the most racy footage of the flirtation, however Leo told the newspaper:

“My brain frazzles and I lose concentration. How could I just ignore it? I’ve fancied her for ages.””

The handsome performer revealed that he does plan to ask Minogue out on a date, but not until the series ends next month.

He thinks he’ll be just the person to ‘pick her up’ after the inevitable post show ‘come down.’

What do you think Kylie fans? Is Leo the man to turn her bad luck in love around? Leave your comments below….

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