The Voice: Nomakhosi, Pete Davies, Cherri Prince & Erin Boyle in last blind auditions!

by Lisa McGarry

Nomakhosi Nkosi the voice

Nomakhosi brings a South African vibe to The Voice this evening, making a bit of a change from the frequent Celine Dion covers that we’re used to on TV talent shows.

The 22 year old singer is originally from South Africa, but has lived in England since she was 9 years old and this evening she impresses the panel with a very interesting rendition of Get Ready.

She tells the team:

“I want to be as successful as Beyonce. I like to aim high and have big dreams.”

There are only three places left in battle rounds though and despite her big voice, Nomakhosi is going to have to convince Tom Jones, Kylie Minogue or that she’s good enough to take their final slot.

Minogue gushes:

“You are 22. How do you sound like that at 22?”

Pete Davies the voice

Meanwhile, as the blind auditions draw to a close, Pete Davies is desperate to make it through and belts out a powerful cover of Roxanne for the stars.

Kylie tells him:

“You sounded gorgeous and the band did an amazing job.”

At the end of tonight’s show, as the teams fill, there are only two singers left and only has a slot to take one of them.

Cherri Prince

First to the stage is Cherri Prince, with her version of Stop and she puts the Black Eyed Peas star in a difficult position as he admits:

“I told myself don’t double dip, I have a singer similar to you, she is kind of jazzy. That is the kind of music I like.”

Last up is Erin Boyle, with her performance of White Flag. The singer lives in Glasgow and works as a project manager in a major bank but she really wants to follow her music dream.

Tune into The Voice tonight, 7PM to see which singer Will picks and which hopefuls are heading through to battle rounds next weekend.

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