The Voice ‘s Sally Barker beats Talia Smith despite Olly Murs worries!

The Voice

Sally Barker overcame her problems with modern music to win a place in team Tom for the knockout rounds on The Voice this evening.

The 54 year old was paired with Talia Smith for the second round of the competition, and the pair were given the track Dear Darling by Olly for their head to head singoff.

Sally revealed that she’d never heard of the song….or the X Factor star and ended up ringing her children for advice and help.

Tinie Tempah was impressed by her rehearsal efforts though and after her practice session with the star Barker confessed:

“Because I didn’t really know the song, initially I wasn’t sure but it’s actually grown on me and it felt good. Thank God!”

Sally started the performance tonight and her vocals were both haunting and beautiful. Talia had a few tuning issues at the start, though she did improve massively throughout the song.

talia smith the voice

Afterwards Kylie Minogue said:

“I don’t envy you Tom because it looks like there is some love between the ladies here. You were so respectable of each other in that performance. I would lean towards Sally. There is such clarity in your voice and you are transcendent.” agreed and said:

Sir Tom Jones, Tinie Tempah

“Talia I think because of the way you walked before you sang was so spot on. The first couple of notes were off but then you found it and the rest of the performance was amazing. Sally not that age means anything, but I don’t know what you sounded like when you were 20 but you sound amazing at 54!”

Tom Jones concurred with his fellow judges and though he loved both singers, he wanted to take Sally forward to the knockouts.

The ‘Kiss’ hitmaker explained:

“I must congratulate both of you because you made a great duet there. Talia has a great country voice but when Sally sang she hit me so hard with the emotion.”

“Sally wins the battle.”

Unfortunately no one opted to steal Talia, so the country singer was sent home.

Did you agree with Tom’s choice tonight? Which singer did you prefer? Leave your comments below…

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  1. Wendy on March 2, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    I thought Sally was amazing – such a beautiful , pure voice

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