The Voice: Sally Barker makes Tom Jones cry & gets Fast Pass ‘To Love Somebody’

Sally Barker team tom

Sally Barker wowed the crowd again when she performed on The Voice live shows this evening.

The stunning singer was the second performer from team Tom to belt out her tune in the quarter finals and before her song her mentor said:

“Sally it’s lovely to hear you sing. You move me and that’s what happened at auditions. It was so beautiful I couldn’t help myself.”

Sally explained her journey to the BBC competition saying:

“I have been a singer and musician for more than thirty years. When I was younger I was successful and I toured a lot. My husband became ill with cancer and after Chris died the kids needs came first. It was a no brainer.”

“The Voice has given me a second chance and I am loving it!”

Tom added:

Sally Barker, Sir Tom Jones

“Sally thought her career was over and this gave her a new lease of life. She deserved it because she is a great singer.”

Once again the mum of three managed to inject so much heart and soul and emotion into her track that she made Tom Jones cry again.

We don’t know how she does it, but Sally’s performances are always pure magic from beginning to end!

The other coaches loved it too and gave her another standing ovation!

the voice 2014 coaches


KYLIE MINOGUE: I loved hearing something a little stronger. The clarity, the way you deliver the emotion, we all feel the depth and maturity in your voice but there is a lightness and a girlishness that it blowing our minds.

WILL.I.AM: Every time you sing I feel so complete and safe and you make me feel ….. I just love hearing you sing.

TOM JONES: She just does it. She is real! She has a warmth that you can’t learn. You have it or you don’t and she does.

RICKY WILSON: That was some show Sally Barker and I think we are beginning to see the performance that was there all along. It’s your turn again. There is a fragile quality to your voice and I can’t wait to hear it next week.


After all three acts performed, Tom had to choose between his artists and award one a fast pass for next week’s semifinal. He found the decision tough and said:

“I thought tonight the three of you were fantastic and you did me proud. It makes it more difficult, because you were so strong.”

“My fast pass is Sally.”

Georgia and Bizzi will now face the public vote, with one singer going home at the end of the evening.

Did you agree with the judges? Did you enjoy the performance? Leave your comments below….

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