The Voice: Sally Barker makes Tom Jones do this & Georgia Harrup moves on from Adele

Sally Barker team tom

Sally Barker has been a huge hit at every stage of The Voice so far and we can reveal that tonight is no different for the hopeful.

The 54 year old singer from Leicester wowed at her blind audition and sailed through the battle rounds and tonight, as she attempts to move past the knockouts and win herself a place in the live shows, the singer reduces just about everyone to tears.

The mum of three takes on Walk On By Dionne Warwick but unlike most of her fellow performers, she decides she won’t belt out the big notes and show how loud she can be. Instead Sally explains:

“I wanted to do something different with it. Less is more. You don’t have to bash ten bells out of things.”

tom jones crying 1

Tom Jones is reduced to tears by Sally’s heart breaking performance and behind her, Georgia Harrup and Melissa Gill weep in the wings.

After the performance Kylie Minogue admits:

“That was beautiful. She makes the room stop.”

Georgia Harrup is slightly more cheerful when she takes to the stage to sing Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. It’s a personal song choice and when Georgia ties the knot in May, this will be her wedding song.

The quirky performer made headlines at the beginning of the series because of her famous cousin. But now she’s ready to move on from her Adele connections and make her own way in the industry. She confessed:

Georgia Harrup team tom

“I am related to Adele, she’s my cousin but I really feel that I have found my own voice in this competition.”

Tune into The Voice tonight to see if either or both of the ladies make it through to the live shows.

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