The Voice UK 2014: Lee Glasson talks working with the “very lovely” Kylie Minogue & his music style

by Nick Barnes
The Voice UK 2014 - Lee Glasson

The Voice UK 2014 - Lee Glasson

The Voice UK returned this evening and one of the standout performances of the evening came from Lee Glasson.

Lee was the first artist to perform on this evening’s show in which he took Kyle Minogue’s ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’ and put his own stamp on it, and it went down a storm with the coaches. Funnily enough, we can’t get the haunting version of the song out of our heads either.

During his performance, all four coaches spun around on their chairs and fought to have Lee on their team, but in the end, Lee only had eyes for one lady – Kylie Minogue.

In the first part of my interview with Lee, he said that he was “petrified” about going on stage and performing, but he thought that if he was going to audition for The Voice, then he had to have an impact and put his own stamp on things.

Following on from his performance this evening, Will said his performance was unlike anything he’d ever heard before and Kylie said that she loved his voice.

Speaking about what it was like to get such resounding praise from the coaches, Lee said: “Well, it’s kind of what I’ve been working towards because you breath and sleep it, and you’re working towards that moment and that’s like the best outcome that anyone could wish for. So when the chairs turned, it dawned on me, it was unreal. When I came off the stage, it was such a blur. There’s so much adrenaline that it’s just unreal. It felt like a dream when I walked off the stage, it was such a strange feeling”.

After much deliberation, Lee finally chose to take a spot on team Kylie, but it wasn’t always going to be that way as before he went out on stage, he didn’t know who he would pick. He mentioned that at one point, he was swaying towards Team Ricky before Kylie won him over.

Kylie Minogue The Voice

He explained: “I don’t know how much they showed, but I did speak with the coaches for quite a long time. Before I walked on the stage, I didn’t expect it to happen, but I had thought about it happening and I thought that I would do in that moment. I genuinely had no idea who I was going to go with.

“When they turned, I was swaying towards Ricky as I seemed to have more of a connection with him. Then, I asked the coaches about their musical influences and when I started to speak about music, Ricky mentioned that he’d only recently started listening to bands like Pink Floyd and stuff. Kylie seemed to know a bit more about the music that I listen to. That’s what won it over for me. It was just coincidental that I sang her song as well”.

Lee is obviously a very lucky guy as we’d all like to spend time with the one and only, Miss Kylie Minogue, right? When I asked what it has been like to work with her so far, he said that she is a “very lovely lady” and added that she is “very down to earth and very real”.

“She seems to be very unaffected by the success and there’s not much more you can wish for,” he said “She’s very, very into music. She’s always moving and always dancing and always singing. She’s always got melodies in her head, you can see it when you look at her. It’s great to be around her, she’s so infectious”.

The Voice

Finally, I asked what type of artist Lee would like to be following on from the show. Although he gave a spectacular performance on this evening’s show, it’s hard to tell what type of artist he wants to become.

He explained: “The idea was to take a song that everybody knows, as the British public might not be into the type of music that I listen to. I listen to progressive rock and like indie artists from the 80s and 90s. What I’ll do is take one of those songs and put a spin on the song from the artists that I’ve listened to over the years and that’s the idea behind it really. Ideally, I do want a career out of this and if I do, I’ll embrace my influences more and more. I’m a singer-songwriter, so ideally I’ll be able to work on my own songs”.

The Voice UK continues next Saturday at 7pm on BBC One.

Nick Barnes

Nick is the Assistant Editor at Unreality TV, along with being a full-time Beyoncé obsessor! Email him at or catch him on Twitter @ImNickBarnes


  1. Stuart Vickers on January 11, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    Lee, well done for your performance on the voice! You did amazing!
    Little baffled by you choosing Kylie? However I won’t let that change my opinion of you lol.
    Stay human my friend, we all love you and live by the lyrics In a song that you wrote… stay the same!!!!
    I wish you all the luck and success as this is the start of a future you’ve deserved for a long time. Always a brother… have a beautiful life 🙂 x

  2. colin on January 13, 2014 at 11:30 am

    You should hear more of him when he fronted a Coventry Indie band called Guilty skies my two nephews were guitar players in the band

  3. colin on January 13, 2014 at 11:31 am

    Google Guilty skies 🙂

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