The Voice UK 2014: Soulful Jazz Bates-Chambers wins over Tricky Ricky Wilson with her crazy vocals

by Nick Barnes
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The Voice UK 2014: Jazz Bates-Chambers

17-year-old Jazz Bates-Chambers was up next on tonight’s show and she was hoping to blow the coaches’ minds.

“I’m a real girly-girl. I love clothes, I love fashion… nail varnish! I love nail varnish!

Jazz has a special relationship with her mum as it has been her and her mum her whole life… she still even goes on holiday with her mum! But, her mother was certainly feeling nervous for her.

Jazz chose to perform a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy on tonight’s show and she certainly put her own stamp on it. You had to listen for a couple of seconds before you realised what song it was.

Immediately, Tricky Ricky hit his button and spun around for Jazz, meaning she definitely had a place in the battle rounds.

As Ricky was the only coach to turn around on tonight’s show, it meant that Jazz automatically joined Team Ricky.

The Voice

“I was jealous before turning around and seeing Jazz. My team is just about full, but I loved it. I absolutely loved it. Your tone is so unique, you’re cool and Ricky is one lucky, lucky guy right now,” Kylie said.

Will added: “The reason why I didn’t turn around is because I have a singer who is similar in soul. You have an incredible voice and when you find songs together, you’ll be a deadly force. It’s going to be dope, really fresh”.

Tom went on to say: “The only reason I didn’t turn around is because I have somebody on my team who is very similar, but you were great. You sound great and you look great”.

“I’m in a band usually and I have my mates around me helping me, and now it’s like I’m forming a new band. I’m going to do exactly the same for you as they did for me. We’re going to go far. This is going to be great,” Ricky added.

That now means that all four coaches have brought their totals up to 10 acts each and with only one more blind auditions show to go, it’s time to turn up the heat!

Do you think Kylie, Will and Tom were … crazy, for not turning around for Jazz?

Nick Barnes

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