Amrick Channa’s club vibes didn’t get the coaches moving on The Voice UK

by Nick Barnes
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The Voice UK 2014: Amrick Channa

Hoping that he could kickstart the coaches was 40-year-old Amrick Channa from Kent.

“I have been brought up as a Sikh. My parents were very much keeping in with my religion and that we didn’t lose sight of who we were. The other side of me is going out clubbing and partying with my friends,” he said in his VT.

“I’m an Indian guy with a turban, but don’t stereotype me,” he added.

In his blind audition, Amrick decided to let his hair down with a rendition of ‘Pride (A Deeper Love)’.

It was very clubby and not exactly a performance I originally thought he was going to give. I’m not sure The Voice is really for him… the coaches didn’t know whether it was a boy or girl, and Will thought it was a “grandmother”.

The coaches seemed to agree with the same sentiment as well as none of them turned around for Amrick.

Ricky said: “WAW! That was incredible. You do not look like I thought you were gonna look. I thought there were going to be a lot more feathers. It was incredible, it was powerful but I didn’t turn as it’s not my bag”.

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Will added: “I didn’t turn because I thought at times, it was as though you were fighting with the band rather than guiding the band”.

“I had it all planned out that you [Kylie] were going to turn around,” he said… oh dear! It doesn’t look like it’s really Amrick’s day.

Kylie said that she loves Amrick’s look, but I’m not sure she really meant it

“I think you’ve got plenty of nights ahead in the club and I look forward to seeing where you go in the future,” Kylie finally added.

Do you think Amrick should have gotten through to the battle rounds? I didn’t think so either…

Amrick Channa;s club vibes didn’t get the coaches moving on The Voice UK

Nick Barnes

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