The Voice UK: The coaches kick themselves as BRIT School’s Paul Raj slips through their fingers…

by Nick Barnes
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The Voice

Paul Raj is no stranger to brushing shoulders with the now rich and famous as he actually went to the BRIT school in London.

In Paul’s year were the likes of Adele and Katy B, but it seems like his time hasn’t arrived yet, but he feels like this is his time now.

In his VT he said: “As the years have gone by, I’ve seen so many people I studied with go on to be incredibly successful, why didn’t I have that same aim and success? I would definitely regret reaching 40 and my biggest achievement being that I went to school with Adele.”

Paul decided to take on Chris Brown’s Fine China on this evening’s show and it definitely paid off as Paul has a very strong, pure and soulful voice.

Unfortunately, not everything paid off as none of the coaches turned around to give Paul a chance, which is disappointing. It looked like Kylie was very close to hitting her button at one point. In fact, all of the coaches seemed to be kicking themselves when they found it was a little too late…

Will told him: “I’m upset that I didn’t turn around. Your voice sounds fantastic. I think the song could have been a little higher but other than that I’m kicking myself that I didn’t turn around. Sorry about that”.

kylie minogue the voice

“Can you kick me at the same time? I’m going to kick myself as well. I was grooving along, but I don’t think I heard the thing that would have made me go ‘WAW! What was that?’,” Kylie added.

Ricky went on to say: “I’m disappointed in everybody. Jones, Minogue, Willson, Am… The thing is, it’s all about not giving up as there will be a right place and a right time, but today just wasn’t the right time, but it should have been…”

It’s a perfect example of how the chairs sometimes don’t always work as rough diamonds like Paul seemingly miss out on getting through to the next stage of the competition.

Do you think Paul should have gotten through? If so, who’s team do you think he’d have been better suited on? Let us know in the comments below…

Nick Barnes

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