The Voice UK: ‘Hot’ Max Murphy impresses Kylie but joins Team Ricky Wilson!

max murphy

max murphy

Max Murphy was everything the coaches were looking for when he auditioned for The Voice earlier this year.

The 18 year old Glasgow born singer works as a full time Judo athlete and performed MGMT Electric Feel for the panel.

He revealed that he’s been more and more split between his sports career and singing dreams of late and told the team:

“I am quite good at throwing, that’s what I am known for in Judo. Desoite my dedication to Judo, I have always loved singing.”

After his trainers admitted that they were hoping he didn’t make it through the auditions, so he could keep training for the 2016 Olympics, Max revealed:

“This is a massive opportunity for me. If one of those chairs turned around that could be the end of Judo for me but I would rather sing for thousands of people than represent Great Britain at the Olympics, so I will just give it my all.”

The Voice max murphy

It looked dodgy for Murphy for a while and as he performed all the coaches looked very undecided. However Ricky Wilson turned at the very last minute.

Kylie may have regretted her decision and admitted:

“That was hot.”

She added:

“That was great and you are in very safe hands.”

Tom Jones said:

“I liked it, I really liked it but it didn’t hit me hard. I love boxing and judo and all kinds of physical one on one things. With Ricky, you are with the right man. He could take you a long way.”

Ricky smiled and raved:

“It was going to happen. Great song choice, you made it your own. We are going to pick songs you like and I am going to make the right decisions, and avoid getting thrown about.”

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