Take Me Home! John Rafferty fails to impress on The Voice UK

by Nick Barnes
the voice 2014 coaches

The Voice UK 2014: John Rafferty
Next up on this evening’s show was John Rafferty from Belfast and now we’ve had some sunshine and sand, it’s time for a bit of country and tumbleweed!

In the past, John worked as a Garth Brooks impersonator, but by his own admission, he stopped doing it when he started putting on the pounds… but this time, it’s for real!

I his VT, he said that growing up, he was different to his mates in terms of the music he liked to listen to as he was more into country and western than pop and R&B.

In his blind audition, John sang ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’ by John Denver and Ricky Wilson was really getting into it… who knew Ricky loved country?

Kylie Minogue thought Tom Jones should go for it, and he had his hand hovering for quite some time during the auditions, but in the end he failed to impress the coaches as none of them turned around for him.

The Voice 2014

“That was great, I loved the song choice. It’s one of my favourites of all time. When I was younger, my parents had two cassettes – one of them was the Best of ABBA and the other was the Best of Country. Those were some very long car journey’s and they were either disco themed or country themed. What I loved was the stories, and although you sang it amazingly, I just didn’t get the story,” Ricky told him.

Will added: “I have to agree with Ricky, it sounded like you was reading it rather than putting yourself in the person’s shoes and living in West Virginia, he was driving around on a country road… drinking moonshine? You would not get home drinking moonshine. When you’re singing, try living the lyric”.

Tom went on to say: “I worked with John Denver, yeah! I think that song could be more gritty, I enjoyed it very much!”

Unfortunately, that’s the end of John’s country road for now on The Voice UK, but do you think he should have gotten through?

Nick Barnes

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