The Voice UK: Kit Rice brings the SASS to the competition & Jennifer Hudson loves him!

by Nick Barnes
The Voice UK 2016: Kit Rice

The Voice UK continued this evening with the final round of blind auditions this series, and we all know what that means – the coaches are being pickier than usual.

Tonight we will see the coaches fill all of the remaining places on their teams, and one guy who is hoping he can sneak onto one of the teams is 25-year-old Kit Rice from South East London.

Prior to his performance, he joked: “This show is called The Voice and I feel like I’ve got a great one, so I should win really”.

He added: “I have always loved music. First five years of my life I was on tour with my dad and my mum, they were both in musical theater. It wasn’t long before I was up on stage. I love making music and I love sharing it with the world. People listen to my music online – 2011 and 2012 I must have done 5 EPs and an album. I’m just here for peace and love. The fans I have already got appreciate that as they’ve listened to me from the beginning.

The Voice UK 2016: Kit Rice


“Today I am going to be singing Ain’t Np Sunshine. I have done my own arrangement – I call it sex guitar funk arrangement. When I walk out on stage I am going to serve it up cold, and I hope they like it. They’d better like it… they will like it. This is only the beginning”.

Taking to the stage, Kit performs ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, and he pulls it off really well. The coaches see so many singers throughout the auditions process so they’ve got to try to stand out from the crowd slightly. Kit did exactly that when he took to the stage as he brought along his very own arrangement of the song, and it was a pretty stellar arrangement at that. He did the song really well.

Here’s what the coaches had to say:

The Voice UK 2016: Kit Rice


  • “Awesome arrangement. I wish you’d have done that falsetto earlier as that was fierce”.
  • Jennifer Hudson: “I felt the sass in your singing, then you funked it up a bit more. If you’re looking for some soul and sass… this is where you want to be babe”.
  • Tom Jones: “You have some range on you, I must say – that was something, very interesting”.
  • Gavin Rossdale: “You sound great, and I like how prepared you were. I liked turning early as i got to see your performance. You’re a seasoned performer. If you com with me I will dial the sass down and bring more of you through”.

It seems the promise of extra sass won Kit over as he went with Team JHUD meaning Jennifer Hudson’s team is now full.

Nick Barnes

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