The Voice UK: Ricky Wilson, & Kylie Minogue battle for powerful Callum Crowley but he joins forces with Team Will

by Nick Barnes
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The Voice UK 2014: Callum Crowley

22-year-old Newport lad Callum Crowley was up next on the show and seeing as he’s from Wales, we could only guess where the audition may go…

Callum, in his VT said that he comes from quite an eclectic family and his brother is the complete opposite to him. His dad said that his brother is quite sporty and Callum is more theatrical.

“I live for my family,” Callum added in his VT. At the moment, he is working in a primary school and he loves his job, but it isn’t what he wants to do forever, he wants to perform.

In his blind audition, Callum performed Usher’s Climax and he didn’t peak too early… let’s put it that way.

Callum certainly has a strong falsetto and gave quite a powerful, soulful performance. Will and Kylie definitely seemed to like him and in succession, they both hit their buttons, closely followed by Ricky. BUT, Tom hit his button too late!

tom jones ricky wilson the voice

Kylie told him: “That was amazing! You have such a distinctive tone, sexy! But, interesting. The power is going to be in your hands!”

Ricky went on to say: “I loved it! I wasn’t going to sit there with this voice going on and not look at it. I just thought ‘You never know, he might be a big Kaiser Chief fan or something’. It’s just about energy, connecting and you can do that”.

“The Falsetto part was interesting, but it was a little flat there,” Tom added.

Will jumped in: “I knew a girl who was once flat, she went to Brazil and came back looking like something else. I’m not saying we’re going to go to Brazil but we could go and work and fine tune some of those areas. Me and Kylie hit the button at the same time, we had a whole routine”.

“I’m all about commercial pop music, I love pop music,” Callum told the coaches “That’s what I’m about and I dunno, I’m just going to have to say that…. Team Will! Let’s go!”

That decision now brings Team Will up to 10 acts and what a brilliant addition to have on his team.

Do you think Callum should have opted for Team Will?

Nick Barnes

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