The Voice: chooses between Cherri Prince & Erin Boyle for final battle round spot!

by Lisa McGarry

The Voice had quite the choice on his hands this evening!

The Black Eyed Peas star had only one spot left on his team on The Voice, but two brilliant singers to choose between.

Cherri Prince wowed the coaches with her version of Stop but before singing described her life as a member of staff in a medical surgery.

She said:

“I work in a doctor’s surgery and if you have to go for a blood test, I am the person you come to see. I enjoy what I am doing at the moment but I want to get out of the surgery and start singing my songs. If they don’t turn around, I will get a little bit upset, carry on.”

Next up was Erin Boyle, who performed White Flag. She said:

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“I work as a project manager in a large bank in Glasgow. I am successful in my career but I am just not happy.”

erin boyle

Erin added:

“I know it’s because I am not doing what I want to do, which is the singing. I am terrified about singing for the coaches, because I could be heartbroken by the end of it. I am very, very nervous.”

Will picked Cherri as his final singer and told the stunning performer:

“You are the last singer and you just filled up my team. You could potentially be the person that win this with the right coach.”

Cherri Prince

He added:

“I told myself don’t double dip, I have a singer similar to you, she is kind of jazzy. That is the kind of music I like. It is alright to break the rules every now and again when it’s worth it. You are worth breaking the rules for.”

Did he make the right choice? Which singer did you prefer? Leave your comments below…

Lisa McGarry

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    Erin was fab. She should have gone through

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