The Voice’s Marvin Humes reveals he blubbered like a baby when JLS performed their final ever show & he NEVER cries!

rochelle, alaia mai & marvin humes

rochelle, alaia mai & marvin humes

We’ve of course known for some time now that JLS split after their latest tour, and as far as we know, they won’t be getting back together either.

But, The Voice’s new co-host and former JLS band member has decided to REMIND us about that awful decision… Why Marvin? WHY?

Anywho, the new-ish daddy has admitted that he cried like a baby when the lads performed their final ever show at the o2 arena in London last December.

Things apparently got REALLY emotional in camp JLS as their huge journey came to an end. All of the guys – Marvin, Oritse, JB and Aston have all gone onto their own little projects such as Aston is working on new music and Marvin is focusing on his hosting duties on The Voice and occasionally hosting This Morning.

Speaking about the final ever show, Marvin told The Mirror that he is a sensitive guy, and he has feelings, but he doesn’t cry… EVER.

Marvin Humes

Well, apart from that time JLS performed at the o2 for the final ever time, and he burst into tears! Awks.

He said: “The JLS concert was huge. We got to the very last song of the very last show – Everybody in Love is our encore track – and I couldn’t sing”.

But, quick to shift the tears to someone else, Marv admitted that all the lads were in tears on the night, it wasn’t just him.

“We’re such close brothers, it made us realise ‘this is it’,” he added.

He went on to say that the birth of his daughter and getting married were really emotional moments for him and they’re possibly the only times he’s got totes emosh as he’s usually just a happy person.

We’re still wondering why Marv had to remind us about the fact that JLS are never ever getting back together. The dust had just settled. He’s caused a storm again.

Anywho, what do you reckon about Marv blubbering? Let us know in the comments below…

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