Did The Voice’s Will.i.am SLATE or rate Liam Payne over Cheryl romance?

The Voice coach Will.i.am has spoken out for the first time about Cheryl’s relationship with One Direction star Liam Payne and his comments have left fans confused.

The US star became close to Cheryl for a number of years. He collaborated with her on music and even helped manage her when she was breaking away from Simon Cowell and her UK team and trying to make it in America.

However, judging by the lack of knowledge of her love life and personal issues, we don’t think Will and Chez have spoken in a while.

Will told Closer magazine that the former X Factor judge has been in and out of a lot of ‘bad relationships.’ At first One Direction fans thought he was slating her current beau Liam Payne.

The pair have been together for a year now and are reportedly expecting their first baby together, though neither star has confirmed the pregnancy.

However Directioners should calm down, because actually it seems as though Will is happy for his friend.

He said: “Cheryl is awesome and I am so happy for her – she is always in and out of bad relationships.”

Speaking about her pregnancy, he joked: “She is expecting a baby but it could be a beer belly, right?”

“But if it’s not beer and it’s the real thing, that’s good for her.

“I haven’t really met Liam but I am so happy for her, she deserves it.”

While not much is known about Cheryl’s pregnancy, it is thought that the singer is due to give birth within the next few months. That means both One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne will both be young fathers.

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Lisa McGarry

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