West End star Teresa Vasiliou faces disappointment on The Voice 2014!

by Lisa McGarry

The Voice

Teresa Vasiliou had quite the story when she performed on The Voice tonight.

The 61 year old took to the stage to sing I Found Someone for the coaches, but before auditioning she revealed that she used to have a very promising career on the West End before illness struck.

Teresa said:

“In 1977 I was doing a show and Catherine Hepburn came into see me and she said that I reminded her of Judy Garland and she said she was going to go back to America and put me forward for the part of GiGi. I started touring all over America. It was a total whirlwind, a fantastic time.”

Vasiliou added:

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“It ended because I had a throat tumour, the tumour nearly killed me. My surgeon told me I would never sing again. The person that I was disappeared with that and that ended my career.”

the voice coaches 2014

“[I last performed] 31 years ago. I want to try and re-establish the kind of person I once was, perhaps there is still a bit of life in the old girl yet.”

“I sang all my life up until I was 30 and I had a throat tumour that stopped that from happening and then I just concentrated on bringing up my children.”

None of the coaches turned for Teresa however Kylie Minogue enjoyed her performance and said:

the voice coaches 2014

“We are glad you are here and that you are well. It must have been something to overcome…..I thought you did a great job, it just wasn’t the right day for us to come together. The crowd loved it, they were up on their feet.”

Teresa did get to give another performance though and she sang a new tune that she’d written for Tom Jones titled ‘If You’re Going To Touch Me.’

He seemed pleased.

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  1. Sophie Langan on February 25, 2014 at 9:56 am

    Teresa Vasiliou is amazing, it’s a disgrace that they didn’t turn round for her.

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