Will.i.am struggled with jet lag on The Voice 2013 and Danny O’Donoghue was waiting to pounce!

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Will.i.am has revealed that when he’s on TV, throwing out random catchphrases, speaking in rhymes and seemingly getting crazier by the minute, it’s all down to the jet lag.

The Black Eyes Peas star is a workaholic and is always flying around the world, keeping his fingers in hundreds of pies and spinning plates in the air constantly.

Whether it’s working on his new album, managing acts such as Cheryl Cole, arranging to have his music played in space, designing his own car or coaching on The Voice, Will is always on the go and he admitted this week that when he watches himself on TV, it always seems fresh and new to him, because by the sound of it, he can hardly remember being there.

Speaking on the red carpet of The Voice press launch on Monday he revealed:

“When I’m on television I’m jet lagged, so when I’m watching it, I’m seeing it with fresh eyes!”

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Will’s weariness could have serious consequences this year, as for the first time ever, if he drops the ball and lets a talented act go from his team during the battle rounds, one of his fellow judges can swoop in and steal the singer.

Danny O’Donoghue enjoys the new rule and explained:

“What’s new this year is the brand new stages, we now have a steal, so if he [Will.i.am] messes up and he thinks someone is not good enough to go through but I know they are, then I pick them.”

This new stage of the competition has caused rows and rivalry between the panel members – including Jessie J and Tom Jones – and presenter Holly Willoughby admitted that the competitive nature of the show is enhanced in the second series, because the stars all know each other so well.

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She said:

“The more friendly they become, the more competitive they get.”

The Voice returns to our screens on 30th March and we cannot wait! Watch the official promo and leave your comments below…..

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