Caitlyn Jenner calls Rob Kardashian “stupid,” says she’s never met Blac Chyna or Dream

by Emily H

Caitlyn Jenner is slamming her former stepson Rob Kardashian as “stupid.”

Caitlyn, who was married to Rob’s mum Kris Jenner for 24 years before she transitioned from Bruce, recently spoke out about her former stepson’s drama with former fiancé Blac Chyna and put the reality star on blast for posting her nude photos online.

Jenner hit back at Kardashian while appearing on the US daytime talk show The View this week and claimed that she felt Rob was “stupid” for posting the photos that could now see him prosecuted for revenge porn.

“Rob was stupid for doing that,” the former Olympian added, noting that Kardashian “kind of apologized” but should never have treated Blac – who’s the mother of his daughter – in that way.

As we previously reported, Rob launched a scathing attack against his ex on Twitter last week.

He posted naked photos of her to his Instagram and Twitter accounts and then accused her of cheating, getting weight loss surgery after the birth of their daughter, 8-month-old Dream Kardashian, and allegedly using drugs.

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But while Caitlyn didn’t comment on Rob’s other allegations, she did once again confirm that she’s not on great terms with the Kardashian family and has actually never met Blac or baby Dream.

“I’ve really not had much of a relationship… I’ve never met Blac Chyna, I’ve never met the kid,” Caitlyn said.


“Rob I really haven’t had a serious conversation in years,” she continued, “so I’ve kind of been out of that scene, so I really can’t comment on what’s going on there.”

Earlier this year, Kim Kardashian confirmed that the entire family have fallen out with Jenner after she bad mouthed their mum Kris Jenner in her tell-all memoir, Secrets of my Life.

Watch Kim discussing the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars’ drama with Caitlyn below;

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  1. Ellie on July 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    This is not rocket science what Rob did was stupid and disrespectful to the mother of his child. He needs to stop washing his laundry in public and grow up. As far Jenner goes anything to get into a story line !! Let’s be honest it’s not the first time Jenner has trashed the kardashian family . What is it with Jenner loves to play the victim you made your bed lay in it. He trashed kris publicly how many times ?? And now has the front to trash rob for doing the same thing !! REALLY . Your boring now Jenner


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