Chicago Fire spoilers: Jimmy Borrelli (Steven R. McQueen) leaves! Show boss explains why

by Angharad

Things were heating up in Tuesday’s episode of Chicago Fire as a recent feud led to one characters departure from the show.

Jimmy Borrelli, played by Steven R McQueen, left Firehouse 51 after arguing with Chief Boden over Boden’s involvement in the death of Jimmy’s brother.

Jimmy ended up being badly burnt after taking matters into his own hands and the injury resulted in the end of his firefighter career. Before departing though, Jimmy and Boden reconciled as they shared a quiet moment.

Steven R McQueen has stared in the show since his departure from The Vampire Diaries in 2015 where he stared as Elena’s brother Jeremy.

His departure isn’t the only one though for the fire fighter team.

Shay, played by Lauren German, recently died and Mills, played by Charlie Barnett, and Chili, played by Dora Madison, have also left the lineup.

Co-creator and executive producer Michael Brandt sat down with The Hollywood Reporter recently and revealed that their departures were all part of the plan and a way to “keep things fresh and bring in new voices” as the show celebrates it’s 100th show.

He said: “Whether those voices are a voice of reason or a voice of trouble, either way it gives us something new and its gives the established characters something to play off of.

“We’ve had to do that to keep things fresh over the last four years, but they’re dangerous jobs, what they do, so we do have to play the reality of that as well,” he added.


Fans, fear not though as there are no plans to make any more big changes but Jimmy’s exit will effect the rest of the firehouse team.

The show returns with “Scorched Earth” next Tuesday.

The synopsis reads: Casey enlists Susan Weller (guest star Lauren Stamile) to help with an urgent personal matter. Severide receives an offer to travel luxuriously with rich party guy Travis Brenner (guest star Scott Elrod) and Stella uses all her resources to help a sick street kid after saving him during a tunnel fire. Meanwhile, Otis and Herrmann discuss their concerns over Molly’s lack of customers

Will you be tuning in?

Watch the pilot below: