David Williams stars in first trailer for ITV’s new ‘The Nightly Show’

by Nick Barnes

ITV’s brand new late-night talk show is set to kick off in just over a week, and it feels like we have been waiting forever for details on the brand new series.

The Nightly Show was originally announced last month, in which it was confirmed that Britain’s Got Talent judge, David Williams would be hosting the first week of the show. The first series will broadcast every week night over an eight-week period with a new guest host each week.

Although the episodes will not be broadcast live, they will be recorded as-live on the same night at a studio in London and then broadcast from 10:00pm.

The Nightly Show - David Walliams


The first trailer for the series has now been released and it appears we’ve gotten a first glimpse of the set as well. In the trailer we see David Williams arrive on set and begin making it feel like home for the next week.

He plonks down a travel bag on the desk and begins to unpack all sorts of things including a rude looking cactus, a pink fluffy pen, a stone statue, some mini cat ornaments, a rail full of suits, oh and a buff butler. Maybe that’s a tad too much…

The Nightly Show - David Walliams


If the set David Williams is on is actually the real set we’ll be seeing nightly, it certainly looks interesting. It appears that the guest hosts will be sat at a formal-looking desk, with the celebrity guests perching themselves on a sofa just to the left. It feels very Jonathan Ross Show-esque in a way. There’s also a massive screen that runs around the back of the studio.

The UK has never been able to pull off a successful late-night chat show, which is why we don’t have one currently. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that ITV can pull it off and make The Nightly Show work as we’d love to have something similar to The Late Late Show to watch each weeknight.

The Nightly Show kicks off on Monday, February 27 at 10pm on ITV. If you’re looking for the news, it’s on slightly later.

Nick Barnes

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