E4’s Tattoo Fixers comes under fire as previous star slams filming process!

Tattoo Fixers

E4’s fantastic Tattoo Fixers has sadly come under fire recently after a previous ‘client’ on the show has spilled the behind the scenes filming details.

Daniel Head, who previously appeared on the show to have one of his dodgy tattoos covered up has spoken out on Facebook to say that the show really isn’t as it appears on the TV.

We’re not quite sure where he stands with spilling every little secret of how the show is filmed, but he’s publicly made the Facebook post available for all to see.

What persuaded Daniel to spill filming secrets is unknown, but he’s said that the show is heavily edited, which we expected – it’s the case with ALL TV shows out there.

As fans of Tattoo Fixers will know, a ‘client’ will turn up to the shop, they will show off their dodgy tattoo, one of three tattooists will then draw up an idea of how they would cover the tattoo, whilst the ‘client’ chooses which design they like the most. Once they have chosen, they’re taken into another room for the tattoo to be covered. But, as you can imagine, the magic we see on TV isn’t always the same in the moment. According to Daniel, the show wasn’t what he was promised.

Tattoo Fixers

“Firstly, it is not a tattoo studio, it’s filmed cleverly to make it look warm and homely but it’s actually an old mechanics garage and it’s absolutely f*cking freezing in there,” he wrote in the post.

He went on to add that you’re made to arrive at 7:30am on the day of your tattoo cover up, and they sit you behind a curtain with two other people who are being tattooed that day. However, he said that you’re made to wait around 6 or 7 hours before they even start the cover-up.

“You already know what cover up tattoo you’re getting a few weeks before. It isn’t how they show it on TV where you decide on the day,” he added.

Not only that, Daniel has slammed the quality of the tattooing that is done on the show. Whilst the behind the scenes secrets about being made to wait, and the heavy editing is one thing, he said that he’s having to spend money to fix the cover-up he was given as it’s starting to fade.

“One year on and my tattoo looks at least 10 years old. Tattoo Fixers have been trying to prevent me and everyone else from telling the truth about the show, by calling us and emailing us offering more free work … It’s going to cost me a lot of money to get mine fixed,” he added.

Tattoo Fixers

On the day, Daniel explained that they started tattooing him at around 2pm and four hours later he didn’t feel as though he could carry on after suffering with food poisoning on the day. However, he still turned up but after six and a half hours in total, he threw the towel in and decided he couldn’t take any more.

“The big boss came over and said ‘Do you think you can do another two hours and we’ll pay for your hotel again tonight so you don’t have to Leeds?’ I said ‘No’ point blank and he walked away,” he said.

Daniel added that the “obnoxious receptionist” Paisley is just an actor who has been hired by the show, who even ‘hates’ tattoos…

Well, it doesn’t like a good review for Tattoo Fixers, BUT in their defense, anyone who has seen how TV works will know that it’s never smooth. At the end of the day, it’s a production – it’s a TV show. Although they’re giving you a free tattoo to cover up an old one, and it’s a service, it’s still made with the intention of being a TV show. In that respect, it isn’t a regular tattoo studio.

Sure, things are shot on different days, and things take a lot longer on the day than they seem on the TV, but that’s the magic of TV. When we see shows on the telly, we want to see a polished production that looks amazing, but behind the scenes, it’s not exactly like that. This isn’t just with Tattoo Fixers, it’s the same with countless other shows on TV especially reality TV shows – none run as you see them broadcast… that’s just TV!


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