Game of Thrones: Season 7 trailer and premiere date FINALLY revealed!

by Angharad

Fans of Game of Thrones were offered a glimpse at what’s in store for season 7 this summer when the show returns.

The dramatic reveal, which involved a giant melting block of ice, suggests dark times ahead for the cast when it premieres on 16th July.

The trailer featured dragon graphics and some selected lines of dialogue from previous seasons with Jon Snow’s final warning that ‘The Great War is here,’ concluding the trailer.

The Facebook live stream of the reveal date didn’t quite go to plan as when the crew used blowtorches to melt the ice, the cameras cut out.

Cast members Alfie Allen and Gwendoline Christie were seen breathing fire in the live stream, titled Fear the Winter.


Unlike previous 10-episode seasons, the seventh will consist of just seven installments and has been released later than the usual April date since the creators wished to reflect the change in climate as winter falls across the seven kingdoms in the show.


With the trailer and the newly released poster, it is safe to say that Daenerys and her dragons will play a large role in the upcoming season. As the Queen of Dragons has landed in Westeros, she is likely to team up with Jon Snow and Sansa Stark to help fight against the White Walkers.

Emilia Clarke previously teased “another battle that’s epic” and Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, revealed on Twitter last year that “nothing would prepare” fans for the upcoming season and added that “s*** gets REAL” after reading the script.

Jacob Anderson, aka Grey Worm, teased: “I’m panicked for people, I think…you can feel that things are coming to a close. It’s all getting a bit much.

“The show’s kind of like a pressure cooker… it’s just absolute chaos,” he added.

British actor Jim Broadbent will be joining the cast of the hit HBO show and revealed to Screencrush that his character would be “a maester, an archmaester – an old professor character.”

Have you seen the trailer yet? Are you excited for what’s to come?

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