Grey’s Anatomy spoilers: Does Meredith Grey have Alzheimer’s disease?

by Emily H

Grey’s Anatomy has long been a breeding ground for some pretty outlandish fan theories when it comes to our fan favourite characters, but a dark new theory has emerged that suggests there could be more to Meredith Grey than meets the eye.

Entertainment Weekly recently published a theory about Ellen Pompeo’s main character that’s seriously got fans shaken up, and could suggest why Grey Sloan Memorial appears to be a magnet to some of the most dramatic things that could ever happen to a person.

Entertainment Weekly’s Senior Writer Natalie Abrams recently dished on what she believes could be the underlying storyline of Grey’s Anatomy with a bombshell new theory, in which she claimed that Meredith could actually have Alzheimer’s disease.

meredith greys anatomy

While Abrams noted that her take on the drama is pure speculation, the latest fan theory to hit Shondaland actually makes a lot of sense.

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As speculated by the writer, the twist and turns of Grey’s Anatomy as narrated by Meredith could actually be the character telling her life story to her future grandchildren à la How I Met Your Mother.


The theory also points out that if it was revealed in the end that Meredith has Alzheimer’s, that would explain while some storylines seem so outlandish, as the pretty bizarre things that have happened in the show over the past few years are how Grey is remembering them at the hands of the disease, which causes the degeneration of the brain.

Of course, Grey’s Anatomy fans had a lot to say about the theory, and flocked to Twitter to throw in their 2 cents.

“If Meredith has Alzheimers I’m going to cry,” @MindAtW0rk tweeted out, while @viiccttoor_ wrote to producer Shonda Rhimes, “If you give Meredith Grey Alzheimer’s I will personally inject myself with Alzheimers too, to forget the horrible pain.”

Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy is set to return to ABC on January 19.

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