Jane The Virgin season 3 Chapter Forty-Six spoilers: Is Michael Cordero dead? Show runner speaks out

by Angharad

There’s a new direction in store for Jane the Virgin in The CW’s hit show.

Last season, fans were shocked to see the protagonists new hubby shot in the final moments of the finale. But – SPOILER ALERT – Michael Cordero made it out of life-threatening surgery and is alive and kicking in the new series.

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told reporters on Thursday that fans needn’t have worried as that was always the plan.

She said: “I know where we’re going and so I made those choices because they’re adding up to something.”

But it won’t all be happily married bliss for the pair as the season continues.

Trouble for Brett Dier’s character Michael, as well as Gina Rodriguez’s Jane and the rest of the ensemble, is far from over though.

She said: “This event has bigger emotional stakes for everyone…the healing and the recovery from such a traumatic event is something that we continue to play.

“It has lasting ramifications for the character ….and will take him into a new direction and there’s some ongoing medical issues that we continue to grapple with,” she added.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for the newlyweds.

Jane will soon be moving in with her beau, which will be a “huge loss” for for Xo (Andrea Navedo) and Alba (Ivonne Coll).

The alteration in housemates will have ramifications though for the two girls left in the house.

She said: “When Alba and Xo were in the house before Jane, they didn’t get along so great and Jane was like this beautiful buffer that changed their relationship. It makes Xo think….and with Alba…she makes a good surprising change in her life.”



The newlyweds will also be having s.e.x…but it wasn’t an easy seen for the writers to write.

“There’s so much pressure on Jane to make the prefect moment. There’s so much pressure on us in the writers room to make the perfect moment” Urman said.

Jane The Virgin season 2Justin Baldoni’s Rafael will make some big changes in his life as well that fans should look forward to…including a surprising love interest that holds a connection with Jane.

Don’t worry though, the love triangle isn’t dead and gone forever.