Jane The Virgin season 3 spoilers: Is Michael really dead? New evidence!

by Emily H

Jane The Virgin will be back for season 3 tonight, but will Michael be a part of the upcoming episode?

As fans of the show will already know, Michael was shot on his wedding night by drug lord Sin Rostro at the end of season 2, and we’ve been waiting to find out about his fate ever since.

Jane The Virgin executive producer Jennie Urman recently spoke out about what we can expect from the premiere in a new interview with TVLine, where she appeared to drop a few hints that Michael may not make it.

Chatting to the site about the premiere episode, titled “Chapter Forty-Five,” airing tonight on The CW, Urman described the premiere as both “devastating” and “very emotional.”



“[Jane’s] trying to get through the trauma and find out if [Michael’s] going to live or die,” she revealed of the season 3 premiere, titled “Chapter Forty-Five,” adding that whether or not Michael is actually dead will be “a central question” in the episode.

Jennie didn’t give away too much more, but did appear to drop a few more hints that Michael could be dead when discussing the rest of the season with TVLine.


“She’s going to end up losing her virginity,” the Jane The Virgin EP confirmed of what else is ahead in season 3, and while that sounds like Jane and Michael could finally come together following their wedding, it’s what she said next that hints he could soon be 6 feet under.

According to Jennie, while Jane will no longer be a virgin, Mateo’s mum’s big moment won’t happen “in the way that she expected.”

“Because of certain events that happen,” Urman continued, “Jane has this letting go of the fairy-tale version of what she thought her life was going to look like and accepting of what it does look like.”

Watch the heart-stopping moment Michael was shot by Sin Rostro below;

Season 3 of Jane The Virgin is set to premiere on October 17 on The CW.

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