Scream Queens facing cancellation as ratings fall

by Emily H

It looks like Scream Queens is in serious danger of cancellation after ratings took another dip.

Headline Planet reported that Scream Queens ratings just don’t seem to be picking up during season 2, claiming that the most recent episode of the Fox show, titled “The Hand,” mustered just 1.34 million viewers.

According to the site, Scream Queens pretty disappointing ratings meant the series “held at a series low” when it came to its target demographic of 18-49 year old adults.

In contrast, the very first 2 episodes of the show held steady at more than 4 million viewers when the series first debuted last year, which means the series has now dipped in ratings by around 3 million viewers.

Scream Queens


The cancellation rumours have been swirling around the drama for a while now, and it looks like they’re not going away anytime soon.

Fans took to social media to speculate that the Ryan Murphy produced horror/comedy more than likely won’t be picked up for a third season, speculating that cancellation is pretty much a done deal at this point.

Scream Queens is flopping so mf hard… it’s gonna get cancelled 100%” @revivalsofsmg tweeted out and @NakiaSamuels asked, “HOW does #ScreamQueens still come on when much better shows have been cancelled?”

Scream Queens - Jamie Lee Curtis

“#ScreamQueens remained low at a 0.5 rating w/1.3M tot viewers. It seems surely headed to cancellation,” @CancelledSciFi added, hinting that season 2 could in fact be the show’s last.

Fox are yet to comment on the cancellation rumours, though it’s thought that the fate of the show will be revealed within the next few weeks.

See what you’re missing in season 2 of the drama below;

Scream Queens airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Fox in the US, and at 12am on Thursday mornings in the UK.

Do you think season 2 of Scream Queens will be its last? Will you miss the show if there’s no season 3? Tell us what you think of Scream Queens potentially being cancelled in the comments section below.