The Strain ‘For Services Rendered’ RECAP: Where did the coffin come from? & is the game up?

by Nick Barnes

The Strain

The Strain continued on FX last night, and things are just getting weirder as the weeks go on.

We still don’t know a lot about the Master, but on last night’s episode, we got to learn a little bit more about his origin, and that coffin. We also got to learn a little more about Abraham and Thomas’ past.

Head on inside for everything you need to know…

Joan is SCARY!

At the start of last night’s episode, we jumped back to Joan – one of the survivors from the plane disaster. As we saw last week, her kids were taken to her sisters house. On last night’s episode, Joan’s husband retuned home, and ran inside when he found a couple of walkers outside of the house. The taxi driver got eaten in the process, only for Joan’s husband to find his worst nightmare waiting for him inside… vampire Joan!


Joan demands that Neeva returns home with her kids, but Neeva doesn’t want to. Joan’s eldest daughter is adamant that they return home, as they want to see their mother, but Neeva knows something is off.

But, as per the orders, she returns home, only to find Joan and some of her other bloodsuckers waiting for them. Neeva’s daughter tries to fend off one of the attacks, but gets cut in the process. The kids and Neeva run for their lives, in what seems like a maze of a house. They run upstairs (WHY?) and end up getting trapped in a glass room. When the vamps break in, all of a sudden, we see a group show up, just in time, and they start firing silver stakes into Joan and the rest of the vamps.

The group check over the kids and Neeva to ensure none of them have been bitten, and although Joan’s daughter only got cut, she doesn’t pass the physical and bam, she gets it in the head too.

The strain

Abraham, Nora, and Eph come up with a new plan

On last night’s episode, Abraham tells both Eph and Nora that he has a new plan, and that they must trust him. I mean, he has saved them in the past, and whilst in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, there’s no better time to start trusting him. He proposes that they use Jim as bait, to get close to the master, as the only way to stop the apocalypse is to kill the Master, but we know that’s never going to happen, right?

Flashback time!

As promised, we got to learn a little bit more about Abraham and Eichorst’s past. As we already know, Abraham was in a concentration camp when he was younger, and Thomas Eichorst was overseeing the running of some of the things on site. So, last night, we got to learn a little more about where that coffin came from, and the origin of the Master. As we already know, the Master existed at the concentration camp, as Abraham saw him feeding on some of the others in the camp.

Anyway, Thomas found a piece of wood, which had been carved in the camp, and he wanted to know who it belonged to. Abraham admitted that it was his – this is after killing someone just to find out who did it. Thomas gave Abraham a new project – he had to design the coffin. But, where does the story go? It simply ended with Abraham being rewarded with a sandwich for finishing the coffin. Hopefully, next week’s episode will offer even more flashbacks.


Are the police BLIND?

Literally EVERYONE, and Joan’s husband can see what is going on in New York City. They’ve encountered the walkers, they’ve seen what is going on, but it seems the police and the FBI are living in a completely different world, – absolutely none of them know what’s going on. Gus got arrested for getting into a bit of a fight with a vampire on last week’s episode, and when he tries to explain what’s going in, nobody believes him, and the police reckon that he is on drugs.

Things are a bit sour between Jim and Sylvia

Everything Jim has done so far has essentially been to save his wife, Sylvia, who is suffering from cancer. So, he tells her he’s in a massive rush to leave the city, but before he has change to explain that he really isn’t bat-crap crazy, Eph, Nora, and Abraham show up. When he tells his wife what is going on, she thinks he is crazy and gives him an ultimatum – either he joins them, or he goes with her. Of course, he chooses the former. It’s time to put this new plan into action!

Jim demands money

Jim left Thomas a voicemail on last night’s episode, in which he demanded money for disposing of the body we saw on last week’s episode. Thomas knows something isn’t quite right, and guesses Abraham is the one behind it. He’s clever.

The Strain

Grand Central Station, anyone?

Jim told Thomas to meet him at Grand Central Station in his voicemail, so that he can hand over the money for the work that he did. Thomas sneaks up behind him, and Jim warns him that if he does anything drastic, there’s cops all around, so try it… Abraham, Eph, and Nora try to follow Thomas as he leaves, but Abraham is the only one not to lose him. Thomas gets on a train, and Abraham follows him, only for Thomas to quickly get off the train again. Just in time, Abraham gets off the train before the doors close, and he follows Thomas, only for Thomas to already be waiting for him.

They have a bit of a face off, and it’s Eph to the rescue as he shoots Thomas and injures him slightly, but with Thomas being superhuman, he grabs onto a passing train and off he went. What happens now?


Nick Barnes

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