Unreality TV’s Christmas Pick – The final EVER Downton Abbey episode!

by Anna Howell

Tonight sees the last ever episode of Downton Abbey, and for those of you too excited to wait and find out what it will entail, here is a sneaky peak of what is ahead.

So far we have already reported to you that, thanks to a forgotten prop, there is a strong possibility that a wedding will take place and, after hearing from Laura Carmichael that her character is to take centre stage this Christmas, we can only assume that Bertie Pelham comes back to give Lady Edith the happy ever after we have all been willing her to find.



Elsewhere and we already know to expect the return of Lady Rose and her new husband Atticus, but according to Radio Times who have seen the episode (that’s Christmas ruined for them then) we should expect to see some new faces too…

But it’s not just new faces we can expect to see this Christmas Day though, fans can expect to see the great estate adding to its rich historical tapestry by the introduction of nail varnish and a hair dryer as well as the usually so stiff upper class family indulging their newest member, Lady Mary’s husband Henry, making cocktails in the garden.

But fear not, the inclusion of the lawns does not mean that this will be another Downton Abbey Christmas Day Special set in the middle of summer again; Radio Times assures us that we will be given a very Christmassy feel throughout this highly-anticipated two hour long special.

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Finally the publication reports that this final episode, which they say definitely has a definitive ending about it, will see some health issues, both good and bad (whatever that could mean) that will spell new chapters and changes for our beloved characters as they prepare to continue their journeys away from us and in to the modern world they have been careering towards all of the last series.

Time to say goodbye folks!

Downton Abbey, the final ever episode, can be seen tonight at 8.45pm on ITV1 / ITV1 HD.