Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Trouble for Stefan and Caroline? Elena Gilbert returns? Paul Wesley reveals all

by Angharad

As The Vampire Diaries’ cast and crew prepare for the last season of the show to air, fans are anticipating what’s to come for some of their favourite characters.

In the last episode, Damon and Enzo have gone off killing numerous innocents and Stefan was last seen writing his journal to Elena promising that he’ll get them back and Damon is not to blame.


paul-wesleyNow, Paul Wesley who has played the role of Stefan Salvatore since the series began, has sat down with TV Line to reveal what’s to happen in the final series.

With some rocky moments between Caroline and Stefan, aka Steroline, and the return of Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrev, it seems that fans have a lot to expect when the show returns on 21st October.

Even though the series begins with some steamy scenes between Candice King (Caroline) and Paul Wesley (Stefan), things won’t stay that way. Although Wesley did not confirm whether Stefan and Caroline Forbes end up together, fans hope the pair do.

There may be talk of a “Steroline” wedding but a new female may have her eyes on the younger Salvatore brother and she will go to great lengths to get what she wants.

With all that the pair have been through, Stefan and Caroline won’t be broken so easily…we hope.

Paul Wesley said: “After everything they’ve been through together, Stefan or Caroline aren’t going to let their relationship fall apart without a fight. When Stefan is forced into this dangerous woman’s life, he must carefully balance appeasing her without losing himself in the process.”

Nina Dobrev is also set to return as Elena as the show prepares to sign off. Although no specific spoilers were given, Wesley teased that the final season references Elena Gilbert a lot.The-Vampire-Diaries-6x18-4

Rumors that Dobrev will appear in the finale have circulated but are yet to be confirmed. Some believe that Elena will end up saving Damon and another suggest that they will reunite in a flash forward so that Bonnie Bennett is seen to live a long, full life.


When the show returns, Damon and Enzo need to be found and saved and the creature needs to be taken care of so she can’t control or harm any others. With several loose ends to tie up, there is a lot to expect in the final season.

Will they all get their happy endings?

Only time will tell when the show returns this week.