Will Harry Styles talk about Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner on SNL?

by Emily H

Will Harry Styles be dishing on his famous romances with Taylor Swift or Kendall Jenner when he takes to the Saturday Night Live stage this weekend?

While Harry and the SNL team are keeping exactly what the One Direction star will be getting up to under their hats for now, reports are claiming that the boy bander is ready and willing to do pretty much anything when he appears on the US show this weekend… which could mean poking some fun at his past girlfriends.

“Harry is ready to have fun and is looking to make fun of himself — or anyone else for that matter if he’s called upon to be in a skit,” a source told Hollywood Life of Harry’s upcoming SNL gig, teasing that pretty much anyone is fair game on the tongue in cheek late night sketch show.

“Harry is game for anything,” continued the site’s insider, noting that Styles is ready to put his acting skills to the test to appear in one of Saturday Night Live’s infamous sketches despite only being the musical guest while late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon takes on hosting duties.

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Though musical guests don’t usually do a whole lot when it comes to appearing in sketches, the site’s insider alleged that there is a chance we could see Styles acting.

“The cast are throwing ideas his way,” said a source of how the SNL cast and crew reportedly want to get the One Direction star move involved, claiming that “it’s only a matter of time until the right one hits him.”

“He’s is very amped to be a part of something really funny,” added the outlet.

Harry Styles is set to appear on Saturday Night Live on April 15.

Get a sneak peek at Harry’s upcoming SNL appearance with the teaser below;


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  1. Annesha on April 13, 2017 at 12:36 pm

    I huat dibt believe anythibg this site says…. but I would be great if he also acts than just sing. .. but nothing is a fact here… just want to start speculation

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