Unreality TV: Meet The Team

Lisa McGarry – Editor
Lisa McGarry is the founder of Unreality TV. She set it up back in August 2005 and content strategy for the site. Lisa also handles staff management and the site’s creative development.

Gerard – writer
Gerard is the genius who looks after all Unreality TV’s design and technical issues. He is also responsible for most of the Sci-Fi content on the sites and many of the in depth reviews of popular TV shows.

Lynn – writer
Lynn is a freelance writer and psychotherapist who lives in Derbyshire. She is also the author of two comedy books and has written for MSN, the Comedy Writers’ Association as well as various sketches for use in TV programmes as well as for stand-up comedians. She’s a self-confessed TV addict and her favourite programmes are Lost, Eastenders, ER, X Factor, Big Brother and most thrillers or dramas.