5ive think One Direction owe American success to Twitter – Jake Bugg tells 1D ‘Write some songs!’

5ive the big reunion

5ive have been everywhere and talking to everyone this week it seems and in their mst recent interview, the reformed 90s band have been waxing lyrical about the boys of One Direction.

The lads are reunited for ITV2’s The Big Reunion and have claimed that modern day boybands such as One Direction owe their global success and massive appeal to the wonders of modern technology.

The singers seem to think that 1D wouldn’t have conquered the globe as they have and cracked the American music market without the help of Twitter and speaking to heat magazine, Scott Robinson insisted that it is easier for a band to make themselves known and promote themselves internationally these days, than it was when he last worked in the industry.

He explained:

“We didn’t have social media back in the day, we didn’t have Twitter, Facebook, web chats, nothing – we just turned up to places. Where as now you can be in a room straight away with just one tweet.”


Bandmate Sean Conlon asked:

“Would One Direction be as big in America without Twitter that’s the question?”

Robinson said ‘no’ and Conlon added:

“I’m not sure either.”

one direction, jake bugg

The lads weren’t the only ones not jumping on the ‘I Love One Direction’ train this week and Jake Bugg has blasted them again, though he says he wants to put an end to their recent feud.

The folk singer claims he has ‘wasted’ too much time talking about the X Factor stars, however that didn’t stop him clarifying exactly why he has a problem with Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik one more time.

Speaking to The Sun the 19 year old performer insisted the whole row has been exaggerated and blown out of proportion by the media and he insisted:

“Oh, my so-called ‘pop feud’? Well, people are saying it’s all made up… but obviously I have said things about them. I can’t take back those quotes. But the music industry loves a good rivalry, right?”


He explained how it all began and why he took against the quintet, saying:

“Look, it started because someone said they’re like The Beatles. What the f**k? It’s just ridiculous to compare them to The Beatles. I mean, The Beatles! They wrote their own songs. It’s almost too stupid a comparison to even bother arguing with. Write some songs! Write a song like Something, and then I’ll admit you’re up there with The Beatles.”

Bugg has been accused of using the One Direction lads to boost his own profile and gain more media attention, however he vehemently denies these claims and insisted that he has no interest in media feuds and argument.

Jake added:

“I’m not looking for fights or rivalries, or any of that s**t. I wasn’t looking for attention. Someone asked my opinion and I gave it. The time spent arguing could have been better spent writing a song. Or doing anything else, in fact.”

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