Aiden Grimshaw brands Dannii Minogue ‘Best X Factor mentor by far’

by Lisa McGarry

Aiden Grimshaw has been singing the praises of his former X Factor mentor Dannii Minogue.

The 18 year old was eliminated from the ITV show last night, after being placed in the bottom two with controversial contestant Katie Waissel.

Speaking on the Xtra Factor Australian judge Dannii admitted that she felt ‘responsible’ for Aiden being voted off, telling Konnie Huq:

You feel incredibly responsible as a mentor and as a judge for someone in your category. I feel absolutely gutted that I haven’t done the right thing for Aiden.

But he was quick to defend her on This Morning today and speaking to Phillip Schofield and Ruth Langsford, Grimshaw said:

She has been amazing. She is by far, in my opinion, the best mentor she always there with advice all the time…..on the phone. She has literally been amazing.

Speaking about how upset Minogue got with Louis Walsh on Saturday night, after he criticised Aiden’s interpretation of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’, the Blackpool singer continued:

She said to me afterwards that it does get frustrating for someone who is constantly trying to fight your corner, if you’re getting bad comments or being overlooked by bickering.

Aiden was also claimed that he doesn’t think Dannii gave him songs that were too intense and added that he wanted to find material that showed the public what sort of artist he would be when the show ended. He said:

It’s difficult, I don’t think I was an X Factor kind of guy and the sort of music that I like, isn’t the sort music to be played on ITV and people go, oh I like that one I’ll vote for that so you always have to find the middle line.

If you get a slow song like that, you have to deliver it in the right way. If I went on singing Mad World or Thriller and was grinning the whole way through I’d have felt like a proper plonker. I think my songs have been alright and you have to be unravelled, you’ve got to make it known what kind of artist you want to be to the public.

Lisa McGarry

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