Alexandra Burke dates childhood pal

X Factor star Alexandra Burke has had enough of those ‘Bad Boys’ and has finally snared herself a good ‘un.

The 21 year old singer is reportedly dating her childhood pal Nicholas Sagar and The News Of The World reports that they have been together for the last six months. They met at the age of 15 at a dance class.

So smitten is Ms Burke that she is said to have flown Sagar from LA to her London home four times in the last few months.

A pal revealed: “Alex and Nick are very much a couple.

“He is her first proper boyfriend since winning The X Factor.”

Alex’s friend said: “She has had a thing for Nick for years. When they reunited last October there were definite sparks.

“They started talking and texting more and then by Christmas they were making plans to spend as much time together as possible. Nick lives in Los Angeles and Alex has spent loads of time in the US.

“But when she is based in London she will often pay for him to come visit her. When he is here they like to go for dinner or go clubbing or just spend time indoors watching films.”

Alex’s friend also revealed why she has kept her romance secret and said that the star wanted to be sure it was serious before making it public knowledge.

The friend explained: “Alex has made mistakes with men in the past and is determined not to repeat them.

“She has worked so hard to get where she is that there is no way she will be letting a man spoil it all.

“In fact, she’s turned down loads of guys over the past year because she was so focused on her singing career.

“But then, she is also just a normal girl at heart. She loves a bit of romance. So when Nicholas came back into her life, Alex just couldn’t resist.”

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