Alexandra Burke is planning to dye her hair red or green for BRIT Awards

by Lisa McGarry

Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke has revealed that she plans to go all out for tonight’s BRIT Awards ceremony.

After being on her best behaviour during last year’s show, Alex intends to enjoy this year’s to the full and is planning to dye her hair to mark the event.

Alexandra told The Sun:

“I like to make an impression and this year I plan to do something radical with my hair.

“I want to dye it red or green.

“People don’t realise how much effort goes into Brits night. The acts have to spend most of the day sat in hair and make-up.”

She added: “Last year I had just won X Factor and was told by my manager to be on my best behaviour, that it was best not to drink.

“So I was really well behaved and probably didn’t enjoy it as much.

“This year I’ll make up for it and have a wicked time. I’m going to enjoy myself.

“I’m not going mad but it’s nice to sit back and soak it all up. I look forward to seeing Beyonce and Cheryl Cole.”

Lisa McGarry

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