Alexandra Burke wanted to release upbeat songs

alexandra burke

Alexandra Burke has denied rumours that she was forced to include more upbeat songs on her album, in a bid to differentiate her from Leona Lewis.

The X Factor winner told Popjustice: “It was most definitely something I wanted to do. I’ve been dancing since I was little, I was dancing in school and that. My personality is very in-your-face and I wanted my music to portray that.

“I love to get up on stage and sing and dance. It’s just me. It’s definitely me. The only thing that’s the same about Leona and me is that we won the same show. You know, basically, the album really reflects my personality.”

She added: “The up-tempos on it are very in-your-face, and ballsy and they’re just there. And it reflects who I am on a day-to-day basis. And the ballads – well, the ballads are megaballads.

“I cried when I made them. There’s not many ballads though, the album’s generally more up-tempo. There’s probably, like, three ballads in total. Four including ‘Hallelujah’.”

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