Alexandra Burke’s mum attacks her in new autobiography

Alexandra Burke and her mum certainly have a complicated relationship. The X Factor winner may have gotten her amazing vocal skills from her mother who once sang in British band Soul II Soul, but it seems like the pair are constantly at war on a very personal level.

In an interview with The Sunday Mirror, 46 year old Melissa Bell slams her successful daughter, claiming that she hasn’t given her any of the £150,000 advance that she got from Simon Cowell and admitting that while Alex does pay for her weekly shopping, she orders it from Asda and not Waitrose as she would prefer.

She also claims that her daughter owes her fame to her, saying that she is a much better singer than Alexandra and it was only through her help that she won the X Factor in 2008.

She said:

“Alex owes it all to me. She would never have won The X Factor if it hadn’t been for me my experience,my tuition, my guidance.

I used to record my version of her songs on a dictaphone which I gave to her before each show. For her hit single Hallelujah, I recorded four versions and Alex took something from each one.

To be honest, ‘Im a better singer than she is. But she is thinner than me maybe too thin. I was 18stone in my heyday. But its all about image these days, more than talent.

Letting her jealousy consume her, Melissa added:

She’s rich but we’re poor. She hasnt given me a penny and I’m too proud to ask. But considering her win was a team effort, I certainly deserve some.

I’m not jealous. I’m a fantastic song- writer but Alex hasn’t written one yet. And Ive told her that her fame could all end next week. Its such a fickle business. I had one of the best voices in the world but made just s200 a night.

Melissa also revealed that she has big plans for her future, despite the fact that she is seriously ill with diabetes linked kidney failure. She wants to be the next Susan Boyle. She said:

I’m going to do a Susan Boyle only better. Lets face it, shes got an OK voice but shes no Celine Dion. Ive still got the voice. So I’m going to call Simon.

Theres room in the pop world for the two of us.

How any mother could sell out her daughter in this manner is beyond us! It is the worst case of the green eyed monster that we have ever seen and if we were Alex, we’d be canceling that next Asda order asap!

Lisa McGarry

Lisa has been watching reality TV for too long now. She won't do any housework unless 'Big Brother' announces it over the tannoy and everything she does has to be put to a public vote!