Ashley Cole falls for lapdancer Sarah Purnell….Cheryl Cole’s doppelgänger

Ashley Cole has reportedly fallen for an ex-stripper, who just happens to look ridiculously like his wife Cheryl Cole (pictures here).

Cheryl filed for divorce from Ashley two weeks ago in the high court and has since been spending a LOT of time with American dancer Derek Hough. A source has now claimed that Ashley hasn’t been going cold at night either and fell for Sarah Purnell, 23, in a London club five weeks ago.

A friend of Sarah told The News Of The World: “Things are definitely heating up.

“Sarah is absolutely over the moon about their relationship but has been very secretive about it and hardly told a soul.

“She spent the first night at his and it was all very romantic. Ashley was a perfect gentleman and treated her like a princess.

“She hasn’t got a bad word to say about him and has defended him when people have tried to have a go about Cheryl or the end of his marriage.

“He’s been the complete opposite of the man everybody thinks they know.

“Ashley has not done anything sleazy at all and has been extremely charming with her. He seems to really care for Sarah.

“They text each other all day and Sarah has spoken to him nearly every day since they met.

“He even told her she looks the spitting image of Cheryl but she’s getting used to that.

“Most people tell her she resembles Cheryl but Sarah is definitely her own person. She’s no wannabe.”

The pair first crossed paths at David Hayes’ heavyweight boxing world championship fight in Manchester on April 3rd, they met again on May 2nd, at the Super Club in London’s Notting Hill.

The source added:

“Ever since the first night Ashley’s been asking her to visit him but she lives a three-hour drive away and is determined to keep him at a distance while they find out more about each other.

“It’s hard because he’s going to be away for quite a while. Sarah knows how much the World Cup means to Ashley and would never do anything to jeopardise his chances of playing a starring role for England in South Africa. He’s been genuinely excited about going but has said he wants to see her again when he comes back.

“They’ve mentioned going away on a romantic holiday because Ashley has had a really hard year. He is facing the prospect of this divorce and Sarah knows he’s still hurting about all that.

“He has been very low since spliting with Cheryl and Sarah has been there for him. She knows he’s on the rebound and nothing is certain yet… but so far so good.”

Lisa McGarry

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