Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Did Simon Cowell sleep with Katie Price?

Simon Cowell and Katie Price may have enjoyed a hot torrid affair, it has been reported.

The Britain’s Got Talent boss has previously admitted that he fancies the mum of three and even revealed that he considered hiring her as a judge on The X Factor in 2011.

However, some insiders think things went even further than that, claiming that the pair had a fling just before Simon became majorly famous in the UK.

The music mogul hit the big time, when he starred as a judge on Pop Idol in 2001 and the rest is TV history. It has been reported that he may have been involved with the then glamour model around the millenium and a source told the Daily Star:

“There are people around who are 100 per cent sure that Simon and Kate were, briefly, an item in the early Noughties.

“She has admitted she fancied him and she fits his type perfectly – silicone breasts and lots of attitude.”

Katie has previously admitted that the X Factor boss is her idea of a perfect man and when asked which celebrity she would most like to date, she recently said:

“Maybe Simon Cowell? I wouldn’t mind a bit.”

She was also keen to work with the multi-millionaire, desperate in the hope that he could use his Midas touch to further her career. She said:

“I met Simon years ago and he’s a real laugh. I would loveto do something with him one day. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold.”

However, Simon’s spokesman Max Clifford has dismissed the claims as mere “rumours”, while Katie’s rep said: “It’s very funny.”

It’s not so unbelievable though, when the recent revelations about Cowell’s private life are taken into consideration. He slept with Dannii Minogue, lusted after Cheryl Cole and cheated on Terri Seymour with his ex-fiance Mezhgan Hussainy. An affair with Katie Price, especially before he was majorly famous, seems totally possible don’t you think?

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