Bye Simon Cowell! X Factor USA officially cancelled CONFIRMED

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It has been confirmed and the news is official X Factor fans, Fox has cancelled the US version of the singing competition.

Simon Cowell revealed earlier today that he is returning to the UK and fronting the British version of the singing show once more in 2014 and at the time, some sources suggested that the American series would have to be given a rest.

However other so called insiders claimed the music mogul would try to commute across the Atlantic and appear on both shows at the same time this autumn. It would have been pretty time consuming, especially with a new baby in tow.

Cowell won’t have to put himself through all that jet setting and jet lag though, as it’s been revealed tonight that X Factor USA has been crossed off Fox’s Fall schedule.


The format has suffered from declining rations over it’s three seasons and this afternoon Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly and FremantleMedia North America president of entertainment Trish Kinane released statements, citing Simon’s return to Britain as the reason behind it’s cancellation. We all know it’s more than that.

“I’ve had a fantastic time over the last 12 years, both on The X Factor and American Idol,” said Cowell in a statement. “And apart from being lucky enough to find some amazing talent on the shows, I have always had an incredible welcome from the American public (most of the time!). Last year, for a number of reasons, I had to make a decision to return to the U.K. version of The X Factor in 2014. So for now, I’m back to the U.K. and I want to thank Fox for being an incredible partner and I also want to thank everybody who has supported my shows. America, I’ll see you soon!”

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Reilly added: “To all of us at Fox, Simon is more than one of the most prolific TV personalities of our time –he’s part of our family. A consummate showman and partner, there’s no one more passionate or creative than Simon, and we feel so fortunate to have enjoyed such a wonderful, collaborative relationship with him over the past 12 years. Unfortunately, there is no X Factor without Simon Cowell, but we understand and support his decision to focus on the international formats and on the next phase of his personal life. We wish him the very best, and it’s our sincere hope that we work together again soon.”

When Cowell was preparing to launch X Factor USA in 2011 he insisted that any viewing figures lower than 20 million would be a disappointment to him and his team.

The show struggled to get above 11m for it’s first run and last year audience numbers dipped to just over 4m at one stage.

The decline in numbers was highlighted especially in comparison to NBC’s rival competition The Voice, which went head to head with and regularly beat the Simon Cowell vehicle each week.

It’s been reported that Fox bosses did toy with bringing The X Factor back but with a tweaked format. They apparently looking into bringing it back for less hours per week, and changing it’s time slot. In the end they decided to wield their might axe instead.

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Lisa McGarry

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  1. Liz on February 8, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Phaha…… #ITV should have waited as only a few weeks ago they offered him 25million to return, now that fox has clicked him to the Kirb they could have got him a lot #cheaper !!!!

  2. Rock Chick on February 8, 2014 at 12:57 am

    Nope I am not. Its about time they axed it. Nobody is buying either that the cancellation is due to Simon wanting to take part in the UK version again either :P. I’m just glad I got to see Jeff Gutt on the show one more time before they axed it.

  3. sondra on February 8, 2014 at 5:44 am

    Im sooooo disapointed X factor is my most favorite show but when yhey chose Nicki M as a judge all my friends stoped watching it.. Then they put Demi L on that finished ot off! it was the bad choice in judges that lost the viewership

  4. Rock Chick on February 8, 2014 at 9:13 am

    I thought Nicki was on Idol not X Factor or was she on both.

  5. vicky on February 15, 2014 at 11:10 pm

    HE HE, she WAS on ‘AMERICAN IDOL’ last season with MARIAH CAREY, RC, NOT ‘X-FACTOR’, so i don’t know what Sondra is talking about. Anyway, ‘THE VOICE’ is a BIG RIP OFF of an European version of ‘X-FACTOR’ and should be cancelled instead, heck, it should have NEVER been allowed to start up here. It needs to go away and take it’s overrated ugly stars with it, bye bye CHRISTINA, CEELO, ADAM and BLAKE, as well as USHER and SHAKIRA.
    (i am ashamed to admit i watched the first season before it dawned on me it was an x-factor rip off.) it is dumb with the can’t see ’em cause my chair is turned wrong way around thing, cuz then when they DO turn the right way, they start judging the peoples looks and cut them soon as they can anyhow. WHY don’t they stay not looking at them all season, now THAT would be different. Hey, even better, WE don’t look at them or the judges, by CANCELLING IT!

  6. vicky on February 15, 2014 at 11:18 pm

    BTW,maybe she meant BRITNEY SPEARS, who was on last season. Anyway, I LOVE the newer judges, although i dug NICOLE SCHERINGER and PAULA ABDUL from the first season too. I think PAULINA RUBIO is so cute with her ‘it’s a leetle PEACHY’ thing, and will miss her and DEMI LOVATO and the ‘DESTINY’S CHILD’ chick too.

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