Carly Rae Jepsen thinks One Direction’s Harry Styles is ‘cute’ & he gets mobbed at Today Show!


Carly Rae Jepsen has admitted that she quite likes the look of a very special boyband member.

The ‘Call Me Maybe’ star was chatting with Heat magazine recently when she confessed that she definitely fancies a member of One Direction and it didn’t take long for her to reveal that the apple of her eye is curly haired cutie Harry Styles.

It all began when the reporter asked if she would ever consider following in Taylor Swift’s footsteps and write her own breakup songs. She definitely wouldn’t rule it out and replied:

“I think I’m very inspired by real life. I’m also very inspired by other people’s situations, not just my own, so I’m constantly eavesdropping on people and milking my friends for their latest dirtiest dish. I’ll write down anything that comes to mind out of inspiration from that.”

taylor swift harry styles

“[I’ve written songs about a] few [exes], but I’m hesitant to tell you more about that – just to savethe other people involved.”

It’s claimed that Taylor wrote ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ for Harry Styles and when asked if she thinks the 1D hunk is as much trouble as Swifty would have us believe, Carly revealed a bit of a soft spot for the star and laughed:

“I will say he’s quite cute. And he’s very talented.”

“He’s a little young for my taste if you’re going in that direction, which I think you are, but he seems like a charming young man. I think One Direction are great. I love the cover they did with One Way Or Another. That’s been a favourite song of mine for a while and I thought they did a really cute job of it.”

Harry was mobbed by fans when he arrived in New York this week, as his band are all set to perform on The Today Show in New York this morning.

one direction fans

He was greeted in the airport by hundreds of screaming Directioners and in a new interview with Splash News admitted that he is “constantly surprised” by his fans and the lengths they go to for him.

“I think the fans have just… know the thing about them is that they constantly surprise us at every thing, every event, every opportunity.

“They just keep getting better and better and you know every time something happens you kinda stop and just think we’re lucky that this still happens and we’re very lucky boys.”

We bet he didn’t feel that lucky at the airport when he was mobbed not just by young girls but also by a 79 year old woman!

It’s been reported online that so many fans have shown up to see the boys in New York that a police barrier broke under their weight. It sounds a little crazy!

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