Carol Vorderman insists Simon Cowell won’t be involved with Food Glorious Food

by Lisa McGarry

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Carol Vorderman has insisted that reports suggesting Simon Cowell was getting involved in her new show Food Glorious Food are totally false.

The ‘Countdown’ star will front a new cookery show for ITV1 and it was reported that the X Factor boss would be very ‘hands on’ in the new series, which is being made by his company SYCO. However, she claims that Si Co will remain very much behind the scenes and will have no day to day involvement in how it runs.

Simon Cowell recently spoke about the new series and called it ‘the X Factor of cooking’, adding that that he has become very interested in the culinary world in recent years and would like to be closely involved with Vorderman’s show.

She told Digital Spy that this is all news to her and explained:

“It’s [Simon’s] company Syco, who are a co-production on the show, but he’s not been hands-on in it.

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“He obviously knows about it because it’s one of his company’s programmes. He loves the edit that he’s seen so far, but I really don’t want you to think that he’s actively involved in this.”

Carol insisted that the show won’t be as crazy as the X Factor and continued:

“This is not X Factor. It’s not like that at all. It’s got a very British feel and it’s very eccentric.”

Vorderman says the show will be very encouraging towards it’s contestants and they won’t be critiqued harshly as X Factor wannabes are. She spoke in more detail about it’s format, saying: “It is a competition, but we don’t promote that and it doesn’t have that edge to it.”

Carol added:

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“Even the people who don’t get through are very happy and have had a lovely day.”

So no OFCOM complaints, no ‘Get Jimmy back in’ campaigns….it all sounds very refreshing!

Vorderman will present the new food series and the hopefuls will find themselves working under the watchful eyes of judges Tom Parker Bowles, Stacie Stewart, Lloyd Grossman and Anne Harrison. Andrea Oliver will be a guest judge for one episode.

This new series is set to air on the 27th of February and it will be accompanied by an official Food, Glorious Food cookery book. The winner will receive £20,000 as well as their dish appear on the shelves in Marks & Spencer stores nationwide.

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