Caroline Flack says James Arthur is NOT too cool for X Factor – he keeps going with Frankie Boyle feud!

Caroline Flack has insisted that James Arthur is not ‘too cool’ for The X Factor.

The 23 year old singer won a place in the 2012 final last night, after Union J were eliminated from the competition, leaving James, Christopher Maloney and Jahmene Douglas battling it out for the title this weekend.

The trio will be working hard to win the top spot and the guaranteed record deal with SYCO but some people have said that James doesn’t need the win, because he is ‘too cool’ and too credible for the ITV series.

Caroline has denied the claims, insisting that James needed this platform and is grateful to the show for the opportunities it’s presented.

Speaking on This Morning the Xtra Factor presenter said:

“I think a lot of people think he’s too cool for The X Factor but you have to think about where he was before he came on The X Factor.”

She added:

“He was sitting in his flat in Middlesborough and not getting the break he needed. This has been the best platform he could possibly have had for what he wants to do. Whether he wins or whether he doesn’t, he is so pleased to be here.”

Meanwhile, we reported yesterday that James was having a bit of an online spat with Frankie Boyle and it seems it is still going strong. We thought the row had died down but last night, after finding out that he was through to the final James continued to berate the comedian after he tweeted:

“@JamesArthur23 Comedians make jokes about tits singing karaoke songs on talent shows you snaggletoothed grammar holocaust. Deal with it.”

Arthur replied:

“@frankieboyle have you seen the state of you? How can you make remarks about the way I look? Stop using my name to try rekindle your career”

He continued:

“@frankieboyle and making jokes about people on tv shows is one thing but you make jokes about people with disabilities which is a disgrace”

“@frankieboyle one last thing.. I wanna meet you and see if I don’t f*ck you up on behalf of many that hate you. Your children must be proud!”

My goodness, who knew he had that feisty side!

James will be heading home to Middlesborough with his mentor Nicole Scherzinger for his homecoming concert tomorrow.

Do you think he is ‘too cool’ for The X Factor leave your comments below….

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