Chelsea Ferguson stripped for One Direction’s Harry Styles & now shares naked photos of Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle!

Chelsea Ferguson is not presenting the best image of herself now is she? The brunette beauty was, up until recently, best known as the girl who stripped for One Direction star Harry Styles earlier this year but that could all be about to change.

Very soon the model could be better known as the woman who exposed Gaz Beadle’s parsnip, as she’s shared photos of the Geordie Shore star in his birthday suit online.

Ferguson claims that the naked pictures were taken during a saucy Skype chat between her and the hunk and it all adds up as the wannabe does work for a website which describes itself as an “adult video chat service”.

It’s reported that she was chatting with the reality TV star when he whipped off his kecks and started fondling his meat and two veg and of course, she just had to capture the image as proof.

It’s not the first time that Chelsea has been linked to old Gary either, as last Christmas his on off girlfriend Charlotte Crosby reportedly went crazy and attacked her at a show party, after it was reported that she and Mr Beadle had been getting jiggy with one another, when he was supposedly dating his co-star.

Back in April she was in the newspapers again when it was claimed that Harry Styles felt her boobs when she stripped for him after One Direction’s Newcastle concert. She claimed that the lads were partying hard after their gig and that Haz just couldn’t keep his hands off her amazing assets.

“I had done a striptease and showed my boobs,” she said at the time. “He walked up to me and said, ‘Hi, I’m Harry’… He said he’d never seen boobs like mine before and that he had been looking at them all night.”

Never seen boobs like hers before? That must be some rack because our Harry has plenty of points of comparison!

Chelsea’s claims were rubbished by Styles’ spokesman of course and they insisted that she was talking a whole lot of doggy doo doo, saying:

harry styles

“Harry did not get ‘intimate’ with Chelsea Ferguson. This story is complete fabrication. Harry spoke to many fans that night but nothing else happened.”

We do have to wonder why Gaz would put himself in such a position, after all this sort of exposure isn’t exactly unheard of. It hasn’t even been two months since naked Skype pictures of TOWIE star Kirk Norcross were published online.

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Lisa McGarry

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