Cheryl Cole defends putting Cher Lloyd in X Factor final 12

Cheryl Cole has defended her choice to allow Cher Lloyd to progress to the X Factor live shows.

The ‘Promise This’ singer was seen choosing Lloyd on last night’s show, despite the fact that she fell apart at judges houses and didn’t manage to sing her song.

The 17 year old from Malvern, Worcs, was featured on Saturday night’s show, when she broke down in tears after vocal problems led to her being unable to perform properly for Cheryl and Deliberating over her future, Cole was seen telling Cher last night:

‘When I go back to the first time I ever saw you perform I instantly thought you were fantastic, I was really excited to see you again and I get here yesterday and it’s like you’ve fallen apart and you weren’t the girl that I’d seen before.

‘It is one of the hardest decisions I can genuinely say I’ve made in the three series that I’ve done, because my heart and my head are pulling in completely different directions.’

In an interview with The Mirror, Cheryl recognised that Cher may have seemed weak on the TV show, but says that on other occasions the teenager has been ‘buzzing’ and ‘amazing.’ She said:

“Cher fell apart but when I go back to when I first saw her I was buzzing. I got a real buzz, a real buzz. Then when I watched her at boot camp she was amazing so I have to remember that actually she was poorly.

“I’m not making excuses for her, because you have to perform when you’re poorly when you become an artist, but they’re under so much pressure, under themselves, you have to take everything into consideration, so Cher was that for me.”

Do you think Cher deserves her place on the live shows? We preferred Gamu ourselves! Leave your comments below.

Lisa McGarry

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