Cheryl Cole embarks on a STRICT no-sugar diet as she gears up for her X Factor comeback!

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

Will she? Won’t she? We’re sick of asking the questions now regarding whether popstar Cheryl Cole will return to The X Factor later this year.

It’s looking pretty certain that she star will return as there’s been absolutely nothing to deny the rumours, and we all know how defensive the celebs can get when there’s an untrue rumour going around. But the latest update in the Cheryl saga is that she’s embarked on a STRICT diet regime to shape up for her return to the show later this year…

Cheryl has been going back and forth on her decision to return to the panel since last year, as she’s understandably had some bad times whilst on the show. She was going through her split from Ashley Cole whilst as a judge on The X Factor, she contracted Malaria and she was humiliatingly sacked from The X Factor USA just after 2 days of filming.

However, the skinny star is reportedly ditching the burgers for a more healthy menu to get back into shape for the show… not that we think she needs to get back into shape.

A source told Yahoo! that Cheryl is silm anyway at the minute, but she doesn’t like parts of her body such as her legs and her arms. She wants to be a little leaner so that she “can wear cutaway clothes”.

cheryl cole face

The source went onto say that Cheryl’s downfall is her sweet tooth as she loves cupcakes and biscuits, which have all subsequently been banned from her house. The only ‘sweet’ she’ll be getting is in the form of chocolate flavoured calcium pills which are available in the states.

But, it was recently reported that Cheryl is currently undecided on whether to return to the show or not as she knows that an appearance on such a high profile TV show can either make or break her career, and at the moment, she needs something to kickstart it.

Chezza is currently set to release her new album later this year, and it’s thought she’s holding out for her X Factor gig before announcing the details. Her appearance on the show will undoubtedly give her new material a bit of a boost and we’d love to see her back on the show.

How about you? Would you like to see Cheryl back on The X Factor? And do you REALLY think she needs to shape up or lose any more weight? There’s going to be nothing left of the poor girl…

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